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November 11, 2022

Introducing Appgate at our exclusive golfing event

Why we have partnered with Appgate


''Work has changed, but people haven’t.'' These are the words Appgate uses on its website to address a fundamental challenge businesses face in 2022.   

Today, the average organisation's attack surface has tripled. There are home and office devices, wifi and systems in play. Employees collaborate on endless digital platforms, all requiring their own secure logins, licences and data backup and protection systems.   

We know that human error remains the number one cause of security incidents. With this increased attack surface, there is significantly more opportunity for increased vulnerability.  

Ironically, to facilitate greater working freedom, organisations have to become more strict on cyber security. They need cyber security infrastructure that not only provides technical solutions but behavioural solutions- because people use software, not the other way around.   

If businesses invest in security solutions that fail to address this reality, they risk boasting protections and fortifications that look comprehensive on the surface but fail to truly perform their duty.   

Appgate addresses this challenge head-on, with their people-defined Zero Trust Services.   

We’re partnering with them, because they understand the human element at the heart of security problems, and every aspect of their services address it.   

Their central SDP system creates a unified policy engine, that users can access from any approved access and point their device. This unified system enforces rigorous risk-factor authentication requirements, API integration and a hierarchy of privileged access.  

This Zero Trust Architecture is informed by a data-driven understanding of common human impulses surrounding security. The most common is the tendency of employees to disregard security protocols, seeing them as unnecessary blockers to productivity.   

This system is in addition to features like transaction monitoring and data encryption, giving businesses the infrastructure to both create healthy security behaviours among employees, and protect the business against potential threats.    

An event to explore our partnership 


We’re presenting an exclusive opportunity for you to try out Appgate’s cutting-edge services, for free, at our exclusive weekend Golfing event.  

Test their innovative authentication and encryption system for yourself, as you join us on the green, enjoy some delicious food and drink and relax at an exclusive resort.  

Register your interest now or read below for more information about the event. 

What to expect at the event  


The Zero Trust Solutions and Appgate Golfing event will run over the 29th and 30th of November and be held at the award-winning Belfry Hotel & Resort 

Our representatives will demonstrate how our joint solutions will: 

  • Help you maintain a cohesive security ecosystem  
  • Protect your threat landscape from attackers 
  • Accelerate your Zero Trust Journey  

All while you enjoy an expansive 18-hole Golf course, complimentary food and refreshments and an overnight stay at Belfry Hotel. We will even be awarding prizes to each day's top golfers.  

We only have a limited number of spaces for the event, so we encourage you to register as soon as possible.  

The deadline to apply is the 22nd of November, so register your interest today.  

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