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ZT tactical workshops

Your Zero Trust tactics. Make the abstract concrete with our consultant-led ZT tactical workshops

Does your team know what Zero Trust blueprints are relevant to your business and what your asset taxonomy looks like, but are not sure how to begin implementing your first blueprint?

Collaborate with Zero Trust Solutions consultants to uncover the most important Zero Trust Architectural blueprints to implement your strategy for your business environment.


What does a Zero Trust journey look like with ZTS?

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ZT strategy workshops

Upskill your team and know your ZT roadmap

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ZT tactical workshops

Knowing your asset taxonomy & building your ZT blueprints

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ZT practical workshops

Designing concrete implementations of your ZT blueprints

Including solution recommendations

Our Zero Trust Tactical workshops are designed as the middle component to a coherent journey from first principles and strategy design, through to concrete implementations of Zero Trust Architectures.

We advise you to consider starting with ZTS Strategy Workshops before ZTS Tactical workshops unless you are confident you have already covered the prerequisites.

Once you have completed the tactical workshops, the next logical step is to move to the Practical workshop series.

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How does the workshop series work?

All our workshops are currently run remotely from the US and European time zones.    

The flow we follow for our tactical workshops is fluid depending on your business requirements, but at a high-level follows this path:

  1. Initial introductory call 
  2. Understanding your business and asset context
  3. Building your ZT asset taxonomy
  4. Understanding your prioritised ZT blueprints
  5. Post-workshop deliverables: your practical plan for your ZT blueprints
  6. Feedback session & next steps

At Zero Trust Solutions (ZTS), our vision is to make Zero Trust Architectures turn-key solutions. We’ll make it easier for you to protect your business with Zero Trust, so you can focus less on protecting your business and more on conducting it.

We’re a Zero Trust specialist consultancy specialising in helping businesses migrate from traditional security to a Zero Trust Architecture. We help businesses with everything from ZT cultural change and process changes to new Zero Trust configurations and solutions.

Alongside our consultancy practices, we can provide you with resourcing services on a short, medium and long-term basis to help you deploy projects. For solutions to implement your Zero Trust vision, visit our solutions page.