Cloud security specialists 

Store safely in the cloud with our specialists 

Comprehensive cloud security 

Our cloud security specialists can help you define and manage common security threats and implement security controls and technologies, such as cloud backup systems, to secure cloud platforms and services.   

When contracted to you, our cloud security specialists will apply their skills to your projects. 

The exact outcomes will vary depending on the project, but their skillsets typically give you the ability to:

  • Implement new cloud security controls and architectures
  • Identify potential threats to your cloud infrastructure 
  • Reconfigure existing cloud security controls
  • Assist with incident response and recovery
  • Provide technical feedback to improve your cloud defences 
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Working with cloud architects and engineers will deliver complete cloud security solutions to your business. The responsibilities of the cloud security specialist will vary depending on the size of the organisation. A smaller organisation, for example, will have different challenges than a larger enterprise. 

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Microsoft Azure services

Our consultants are certified experts in providing Azure and AD services, migrations, identity and security.
Powered by ex-Microsoft Professional Services personnel in our team, we deploy true experts to ensure your projects are successful.

The Azure services we provide:  

  • Design
  • Server migrations
  • Networking and on-premises hybrid integration
  • High availability and disaster recovery
  • Backup and storage
  • Security
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Azure security consulting

Reviewing best security practices, our consultants can advise on missing areas and even implement the necessary security methods to improve your security, including:  

  • Azure MFA  
  • Networking and access  
  • Role-Based access control (RBAC)  
  • Endpoint protection  
  • Auditing and logging
  • Protection against distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks  
  • Microsoft Sentinel    

Cisco network consulting

Few businesses can survive without a secure, robust and fast network. Cisco networks transform your infrastructure with enterprise equipment, offering reliability with scalability. However, ensuring your Cisco network and equipment are configured to best practices will require proficient knowledge and expertise. We offer Cisco network consulting services designed to make your organisation better.  

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Cisco network consulting is placed at the heart of our services. Not only are we Cisco-accredited suppliers, but our Cisco network consulting services give you access to Cisco-trained and certified engineers, as well as experts and designers who can:  

  • Advise
  • Design
  • Maintain  
  • Repair  
  • Upgrade  
  • Extend  

Cisco network consulting services we provide:

  • Cisco firewall consulting  
  • Cisco routers consulting  
  • Cisco switches consulting  
  • Cisco network design consulting  
  • Load balancing consulting  
  • Cisco network resiliency consulting  
  • Cisco maintenance and upgrades consulting  

Cisco firewalls, routers and switches  

Firewalls, routers and switches play a vital role in your business, and they are all part of the core components of any network and a Zero Trust strategy. Firewalls are key security features like the locks on our houses. They constitute the first line of defence against network-based threats to your organisation. Get ahead of the game with our consulting service to address potential risks and ensure the overall configuration is set up correctly. 

Cisco network design

Designing a Cisco network encompasses many aspects. Our experienced Cisco networking consultants analyse your IT infrastructure requirements independently to determine the necessary desires and requirements to deliver a network ideal for your business.  

Load balancing and advanced Cisco consultancy  

Sharing the network load (or traffic) provides a more efficient way of getting data across your network, resulting in performance and reliability improvements. They can also often act in some scenarios as a form of resilience. Besides providing recommendations and performing setups according to specifications, we also offer ongoing monitoring and support services.  

Maintenance and upgrades  

Key requirements to having a working and trouble-free network are ensuring that regular maintenance takes place and budgeting for upgrades. Our Cisco network consulting service can help you put together a plan for maintenance and upgrades. 

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