Zero Trust maturity assessment

Never assume your Zero Trust maturity. Calculate it with ZTS.

Imagine your organisation's security is a budding plant. A plant requires the right environment and attention to grow strong and robust, capable of handling long-term challenges.

Issues with deployment and changes in your business environment, can become factors that impact this maturation and the positive development of your security.

With our Zero Trust maturity assessment, we’ll help you ensure your security matures successfully, keeping you protected long-term.


What is the ZTS maturity assessment?

At Zero Trust Solutions, we want to ensure you know how much coverage each solution you build has of the tenets of Zero Trust.

To do this we have developed a method to score:

  1. Individual vendor solutions you have deployed
  2. Integrations between solutions that form your full Zero Trust Architectures

A Zero Trust maturity assessment will help you discover the Zero Trust pillars where you're strongest and where improvement is needed.

Why now? 

Zero Trust Architecture requires both a change of culture and operations. At its best, it will be expertly adapted to the risk environments presented by the business and user content.

The best security teams will continuously review how compliant your Zero Trust Architectures are with the principles you aspire to reach.

Regular Zero Trust maturity assessments will help you understand and fuel your progress towards reaching these principles.


How our Zero Trust assessments work

Our unique, Zero Trust maturity assessments work in two main ways: 

Type 1
ZT technology assessment

Our ZT consultants use our proprietary maturity tools to evaluate individual components in your tech stack in terms of vendor capabilities and your current configurations. 

Type 2
ZT technology assessment

In this assessment type, we fulfil the same technical component assessment as type 1 and analyse how each component could interact in ideal deployment.

No matter the assessment type, you will get a maturity assessment as your result. This assessment will benchmark your quantitative scores and results against similar technologies and their ideal deployments.

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Cyber Essentials certification

Easy Cyber Essentials evaluations and certification from ZTS

Comply with industry requirements and prove your dedication to security by making Zero Trust Solutions your Cyber Essentials & Cyber Essentials Plus (CE+) partner. Together, we’ll ensure you’re fully certified and ready to continuously develop your security.

Ensure you’re not the weak link in your cyber supply chain – get certified in as little as 24 hours.

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Benefits of partnering with ZTS

With Cyber Essentials Plus (CE+), you protect against 


of all common cyber attacks.


Cyber Essentials is a UK Government backed scheme to promote good cyber health in companies. It ensures that you are doing the essentials to thwart most cyber attacks. 
Cyber Essentials Plus extends beyond the self-assessment by including an independent evaluation service - certified by one of our licensed auditors to guarantee your business is doing all the essentials.
With ZTS, you gain access to the UK’s leading independent CE+ auditors and compliance tooling - making it quick and easy for you to continuously check you are compliant and independently certify you have met the Cyber Essentials Plus standard. 

For more information on how we can assist you in Cyber Essentials Plus certification, get in touch to organise a call.

You’ll get all this from our partner, who is an official Cyber Essentials certification body with these credentials:

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Image 90
Image 91

Why now?

Four reasons why you should be interested in Cyber Essentials Plus (CE+) certification:

  1. It helps protect organisations against 98.5% of all common attacks
  2. It benefits your customers and could help you win new business
  3. You might have to:
    1. If you want to bid for government tenders
    2. If your cyber insurer doesn’t already, it might soon require you to have a CE+ certification to get an insurance policy or reduce your premiums
    3. If you want to avoid being a victim of the rise of supply chain attacks
    4. In the wake of increasing supply chain attacks, the UK NCSC now recommends companies contractually require suppliers to meet minimum security requirements before they can provide services and information is shared.

How our Cyber Essentials certification works

We partner with the UK’s leading provider of Cyber Essentials certifications to give you the best certification. We guide you through the entry process to maximise the chance you pass the first time - meaning you could get certified in just 24 hours.

See all the benefits

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Monthly or annual subscription models available

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Same day certification

Possible with our jargon-free digital audit

Group 24578
Guided audit

Expert advice that helps guarantee a first time pass

Group 24579
Framework qualification

Eligibility to bid for government tenders that require certification

How we can help

At ZTS, our vision is to help businesses become better protected through Zero Trust technology. So, you can focus less on defending your business and go conduct it.

Alongside your Cyber Essentials Plus certification, as a Zero Trust consultancy, we can provide you with a third-party, in-depth view of your security capabilities and help you continuously improve. This might be helping you execute current plans or helping you design and implement a new Zero Trust strategy. 
Visit the Empower section of our website to discover our services on short, medium and long-term bases to help you deploy your projects.

Or if you need a new solution to meet your Cyber Essentials Plus baseline, we can help with the Solve section of our website.