Programme and project management 

Take advantage of the expertise of our IT programme and project managers 

Our specialists

Our programme and project management specialists can be contracted to your projects and initiatives to offer expertise in helping your business stay secure, including:  

  • Tracking delivery teams according to plan, managing the project risks, assumptions, issues and dependencies, and escalating where applicable  
  • Working closely with other technical project managers to ensure all work streams of the plan deliver according to the schedule  
  • Preparing monthly progress reports and forum meeting papers  
  • Working closely with other colleagues on integrated delivery plans and project updates to stakeholders  
  • Creating and maintaining team backlogs, adjusting priorities and scope in response to business needs and stakeholder feedback  
  • Managing and negotiating delivery scope in collaboration with product management  
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Project management

We provide highly experienced IT project managers. Working closely with you, we will oversee all aspects of the project - from planning to successful delivery. We’re experienced in managing the scope, quality, communication, risks and issues of any project, and we deliver substantial benefits.  

You can expect:  

  • Highly experienced IT project management consultants  
  • Predictable costs – ZTS can offer fixed price quotes for consultancy work  
  • Projects designed to meet your business priorities and specifications  

IT project and programme management

As the world of IT progresses, so will your IT infrastructure with the need to adapt to new technologies, practises and upgrades. This generally is more straightforward when your business has an in-house IT department.

Our IT project management is ideal if you require:  

  • Flexible resourcing
  • Deadlines to be met with limited time
  • Expertise due to insufficient experience or in-house knowledge
  • An extra pair of hands due to a lack of staff
  • Realistic project planning  
  • A clear focus and objectives  
  • Quality control  
  • Subject matter expertise (SME)  
  • Project leadership  
  • Risk management  
  • Continuous oversight  
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Quotation mark

“Without IT project management, businesses often find themselves exposed to unnecessary delays or problems due to the lack of realistic planning and knowledge. Combined with insufficient resources, this frequently leads to a chaotic experience that impacts the entire organisation.”

- Patrick English

Why ZTS?

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