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Solve: Risk discovery

Discover your assets and understand your risk

Assets hold value to your business. As a result, they must be protected from threat actors.  

Without knowing your assets and asset types, you can’t lay the foundations to build an effective risk-prioritised cyber strategy.  

Even with visibility into what assets need protection, you cannot implement effective risk discovery strategies without knowing how they could be impacted and the likelihood that an attacker might do so. 


Why discover your cyber security risks?

Every cyber security strategy needs to be grounded in risk analysis. Otherwise, how do you know you’re designing security appropriate to how threat actors could attack you? 

The most common equation for risk has two parts:  


How to discover your risk

If we decompose the risk equation further, we can see how to calculate your risk. The impact and likelihood can be split in various ways, but at Zero Trust Solutions, we decompose it as follows: 


How we can help

Zero Trust Solutions can map and manage your attack surface. Our industry-leading asset and vulnerability discovery technology enable you to discover your asset types continuously, just like an attacker would. 

This means you have visibility of your assets deploying and changing across your enterprise. You will know the unmanaged edge assets and cloud attack surfaces that attackers can access. 

Know and solve

Our risk discovery solution solves asset discovery as well as attack path discovery, which gets you half the way there. And our consultancy services complete the whole risk equation for you.

So, you know your risks: what next?

If you continuously discover your assets and risks, you can begin improving your risk posture. Discovery leads to: 

  • Reduction of breach likelihood
  • Faster remediation (lower mean time to remediate (MTTR))
  • Reduced financial exposure
  • A greater return on your security investment

Insights from our risk discovery service can integrate with: 

  • You asset inventory/configuration management database (CMDB)
  • Security information and event management (SIEM) for enrichment
  • Vulnerability scanner for prioritisation of upcoming scans 
  • Patch management
  • Your cyber security compliance reporting

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Why ZTS?

We are a Zero Trust consultancy. 

We pre-vet all our solutions and services to ensure they integrate into Zero Trust roadmaps. 

Asset, risk discovery and analysis are key prerequisites to building a Zero Trust roadmap. But even for traditional security roadmaps, you need to know what to protect before you can build the protection.  

Our industry-leading risk discovery solutions, in combination with our Zero Trust-focused consulting, solve the complete risk equation for you. When you work with us, not only do you get the best insights into what you’re trying to protect - our consultants will help you understand the threat environment you operate in, and the security properties associated with your assets. As a result, you are placed in the driver’s seat to understand your business risk.

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