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October 19, 2023

Replay: Fireside Chat with Chase Cunningham - How businesses can benefit from a Zero Trust strategy?

Live: March 2023 | Now on demand below...

Our live fireside chat has now happened. If you missed it or want a recap, check out the replay below. For any extra information on any of the topics discussed use the form underneath.
In this throw-back, we discuss with Chase Cunningham - "Dr Zero Trust" himself - the benefits of zero trust strategies for businesses.

Key topics of discussion: 

  • As usual... What is zero trust to you?  - as simply as you can.
  • Why change? A look at how zero trust adoption benefits businesses over legacy security approaches.
  • Lessons learnt and more... 
Bonus content:
  • How did Dr Zero Trust get his nickname?


During this engaging fireside chat, our esteemed CTO & Zero Trust Consultant, Patrick English, delves into a lively discussion with Chase Cunningham. Adding to the insightful conversation is our esteemed host, Martin Hess, a seasoned board advisor with a rich history in prestigious companies like HP and IBM, who now focuses on nurturing startups.

The chat was not only enlightening but also a source of amusement, as we explored the rationalization of how zero trust strategies can truly benefit businesses.

Join the excitement in the replay below...

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