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February 7, 2023

Zero Trust Fireside Chat with Chase Cunningham, Patrick English & Martin Hess

Date: 14th March 2023 - 4pm UK Time

A series of questions with Chase Cunningham (Dr Zero Trust), Patrick English - CTO of Zero Trust Solutions (ZTS) and Martin Hess - Board advisor of Zero Trust Solutions as to how companies benefit from a Zero Trust strategy and how this protects their business over traditional legacy security.

Meet the speakers


Chase Cunningham

Dr Zero Trust 

Known in the cybersecurity industry as “Dr. Zero Trust,” Dr. Cunningham has extensive experience in all aspects of enterprise security. Prior to joining Ericom, he held the position of Vice President Principal Analyst at Forrester where he tracked and covered all aspects of enterprise security, including Zero Trust trends, technologies, and frameworks. Creator of the Zero Trust eXtended framework and a cybersecurity expert, Dr. Cunningham has decades of operational experience working in various capacities supporting NSA, US Navy, FBI Cyber, and other government mission groups. Chase was also a Forrester analyst tasked with managing and developing their Zero Trust portfolio of accounts and leading the research in that channel.




Patrick is the CTO at Zero Trust Solutions; an expert in security architecture, design and operations for over a decade. He has spent his career working with enterprises in Banking, Pharmaceuticals, High Tech and Government. 


Martin Hess

Board advisor

Martin is a board advisor to Zero Trst Solutions and has over 40 years’ of experience in the IT industry. He began his career as a seller at ICL and IBM where he was one of the early leaders within the then-emerging outsourcing business. 

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